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Are you making money from your website?  If you are like many others, your not making a dime.  The cost of running a website can get expensive.  Hosting and advertising costs can leave you with very little in return.  Now there is a simple answer,!

We want your traffic. will pay you real cash, for your unused advertising space.  The idea is simple. Just place some unique code on your website, and we will pay you $0.10 (USD) for every 1000 unique impressions you send us!  Our Ad Network Code will generate a small 88x31 button on your website.  You can place the button anywhere you wish as long as it is visible to anyone scrolling the page.  Whether it is at the top or the bottom makes no difference to us. 

Payments are made the 1st business day of each month for previous months traffic.  Payments are currently offered through PayPal and via Xoom.  Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on payments and schedules.

We currently do not allow sites that:

1. Produce, provide or link to:
  • adult content
  • sexual content
  • profane content
  • illegal drugs or related content
  • hate speech or hate graphics content

2. Engage in, promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating, hacking, spamming and infecting

Do not own the domain they are under such as a free subdomain.

Are under construction

Use resident desktop objects such as bars and window frames.

Use timed banner rotation or other "auto-loading" methods

Have very little content.

Have more than two 88x31 buttons per page, or an excessive amount of advertising in general.

Distribute or promote spyware

Contain non-English web pages

Generate less than 1,500 unique page views per month

Ad Code Placement & Requirements
Buttons must be placed where they can easily be viewed. 

Advertisements can only be placed on approved root URLs

Only one ButtonBrokers Ad Network code per page.

Advertisements may not be placed on pages that offer very little or no content at all.

5. Code may not be modified in anyway.


All publishers are bound by our terms and conditions unless other terms have been agreed to in writing.

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