Are you making money from your website?  If you are like many others, you're not making a dime.  The cost of running a website can get expensive.  Hosting and advertising costs can leave you with very little in return.  Now there is a simple answer,!

We want your traffic! will pay you real cash, for your unused advertising space.  The idea is simple. Just place some unique code on your website, and we will pay you for every unique impression you send us!  This code will generate a small 88x31 button on your website.  You can place the button anywhere you wish as long as it is visible to anyone scrolling the page.  Whether it is at the top or the bottom makes no difference to us. 

What is a button?
A button is a small image (banner) that displays an advertisement on your webpage.  It works just the same as any other banner you have seen. 


What type of banners will my site serve?
All of our advertisers are well known and established companies and 100% family friendly.  Button Brokers does not accept adult / sensitive material, so you will always know that our ads are safe for the entire family.  Our codes only display banners and no other type of media will be served. 

Will your banners affect my sites load time?
No.  Our ad servers are state of the art, fast, and packed with memory.  On top of that they are load balanced within a huge server pool spanning 8 countries.  This insures the fastest response times possible.  For very high traffic sites, we offer dedicated server pools and iframe codes which help to insure lightning fast response rates. 

What is your payout? will pay you an average of $0.10 per 1,000 unique impressions.  We currently pay for all traffic, however please note that we normally expect to see at least a 30% ratio from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, Australia and most other countries.  We cover all fees imposed by PayPal insuring that you get 100% of your earnings!  We also provide payments via AlertPay / Payza and

What is a unique impression?
A unique impression is a call to our adserver for an ad by an ip that has not seen an ad from our server within a 24 hour period.   At midnight CST our ip logs are cleared out and the count is started again. 

When do you pay?
Unlike other companies that pay you, we get paid by our advertisers up front and can pay you in a timely manner.  While payments are usually made on the 1st business day of each month for the previous months traffic.  High volume websites can request payments weekly.  We understand that the internet can be a scary place to do business.  It is important to us that our business relationships are strong and trustworthy.  In the event you would like to see different payment terms, just let us know.  We are willing to do most anything our publishers request while the relationships are still strong.  We have always paid our publishers on time and in full.  Since we get paid up front from our advertisers, you get paid in a fast and timely manner.

How do you pay?
Payments are made via PayPal, Google Checkout, AlertPay/Payza* or via**.  Payments are made on the 1st business day of each month for the previous months earnings.  If you have another payment option in mind, contact us to see if we can assist you.

*Payments made through AlertPay/Payza are subject to a $1.00 USD Service charge.
**Payments are available for a $2.99 USD service fee and must be an institution serviced by


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