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Why should I become a part of the Network?
The answer is simple!  We are one of the only companies that pays our publishers a fixed amount.  Many companies are performance based and require exclusive use.  We don't!  Whether you have 100 unique visitors per day or 1,000,000 you can make money with ad space you are probably not using at this moment. 

How many ads can I serve per day?
Because we are a fixed CPM company, at some point during each day our inventory will run out.  As we build our advertiser base more and more impressions will become available.  In the event that all network inventory has been used for the day, your scripts will not load any ads. 

What is a button?
A button is a small image (banner) that displays an advertisement on your webpage.  It works just the same as any other banner you have seen. 


Do you serve any other ads besides buttons?
Currently we do not.  This is because we find that buttons are a cost effective way for advertisers to reach a large amount of visitors.  In addition, buttons take up very little ad space and are readily accepted by most webmasters looking to earn revenue from their sites.

What is your payout? will pay you $0.10 per 1,000 unique impressions.  Currently we pay for worldwide impressions. If the bulk of your traffic is from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia or Australia, we may be able to raise your CPM based on the volumes from those countries.  In the event your visitors come from other areas of the world, we will not display an ad to them.  A unique impression is counted as a unique ip originating from a specific country.  Each ip is stored in our database each day and removed from our database each evening when the stats reset.

What is a unique impression?
A unique impression is a call to our adserver for an ad by an ip that has not seen an ad from our server within a 24 hour period. 

When do you pay?
Unlike other companies that pay you, we get paid by our advertisers up front and can pay you in a timely manner.  While payments are usually made on the 1st business day of each month for the previous months traffic.  High volume websites can request payments weekly. 

How do you pay?
Payments are made via PayPal or Skrill* or Bank Transfer**.  Payments are made on the 1st business day of each month for the previous months earnings.  If you require other payment options please contact us to see if they are possible.
*Payments made through Skrill are subject to a $1.00 USD Service charge.
**Bank Transfers are available for a $2.99 USD service fee and must be an institution serviced by


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